Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notes from Starfeather, May/June's Special Guest

I arrived at Joy Lane Healing Center for an extended visit and found it
hot and steamy with the wood shimmering in the green light of late Spring.
I love this land and specially the wild song birds. In Washington, I mainly
get seagulls and crows, so the wood thrush is, well, heavenly. My stay here has been a beautiful balance of work and rest. Thunderstorms are awesome!

My first event was the Heart Expansion Ceremony, for which I shipped my
precious companion, my crystal singing bowl, from home. I loved the group
toning and our co-created ceremony was indeed uplifting and an offering of
our love to the Earth. Yummmm.

We had an awesome Medicine Shield Retreat last weekend. Each of woman
dove deep for an experience of quiet time of being and the result was a
springing forth of creativity. We each made beautiful, meaningful shields,
that we now have as reminders of those sacred insights that came to us. I
love creating with sticks, stones, feathers and leather and am always amazed
at how it feeds my soul. Sacred Art, for sure.

The remainder of my time here is spent doing Energy Drawings and channeled council session, which I LOVE to do. It is such a privilege for me to be able to offer this here, and I appreciate those who come to partake. I journey back home to Edmonds on Monday with joy in my heart from Joy Lane. Thanks to Carol and to Marin for supporting my sacred work. There are a few sessions still available for this weekend, June 5 - 7.
Love to all. Starfeather

PS. I am working diligently again on my book, so stay tuned. Hope to see you again. And, wow, check out all the great stuff happening here!

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