Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Silent Auction

Just in time for Earth Day! Celebrate our interconnection to Earth and to each other. Treat yourself to something special while you support the mission of Joy Lane Healing Center!

You'll find separate entries detailing the 5 offerings after this post. We'll be accepting bids from April 18 to May 2; winners will be notified May 5. See something you like? Simply call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

We had a great time meeting so many new faces at yesterday's Leonardtown Earth Day Celebration; next weekend, April 25-26 we'll be at the Sotterly Plantation Garden Festival. Drop on by!

Why support Joy Lane?
Supporting Joy Lane Healing Center helps us create educational programming that offers a haven to explore the diversity of world traditions and a holistic vision towards health, wellness and awareness. By making a donation to Joy Lane Healing Center today, your generosity ensures that this place of healing and transformation continues to touch the personal lives of individuals and our communities in general.

Auction Items Include…
1 Your Life Blueprint initial consultation with Mary Ellen Steveling
2 Energy Healing Session with Carol Marcy
3 Personal Rejuvenation Retreat
4 Reflexology Session with Leanora Winters
5 Deluxe Yoga Package

Auction Item 1: Your Life Blueprint

Offered by Mary Ellen Steveling, EYRT
Deepen your understanding of yourself through a system of knowledge rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga and ayurveda. See your unique life blueprint, the strengths and challenges that you were given at birth, so that you can understand and be more comfortable with yourself at the deepest level. Discover practical means for working with your life challenges that result in a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Your Life Blueprint outlines eight life fields:

Physical Health - how to achieve optimum health by learning specific foods, exercise and lifestyle techniques right for you.
Mental Health - how to best relieve stress and maintain a constant state of restful dynamism
Relationships- your personal style of relating with others in order to have stress free relationships.
Dharma- how you best help in the world.
Career- your professional aptitudes and how to be happy at work.
Creative Play - how to find satisfaction in recreation and enhance creativity.
Desires- how to be motivated to fulfill your goals without attachment.
Spiritual Nature- discover your main tools for lasting fulfillment and Self awareness.

Regular Cost of an Initial Consultation: $130
Learn general information about the fields of living and specifically your physical health, vital body and emotional tendencies. You will receive a booklet of information, a homeopathic remedy for your health, Bach Flower remedy and a recorded CD of your consultation.

Accepting bids from April 18 to May 2. Bidding begins at $45 to be made in $5 increments; please call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

Auction Item 2: Energy Healing Session

Offered by Carol Marcy, PhD
The human body has a field of energy both within it and surrounding it. If the body, mind, emotional body and spirit of an individual are healthy and strong, the energy is flowing and with awareness can be used to grow spiritually.
The energy healing session can take several forms. The first possibility examines each of the seven major energy centers (chakras) of the body both in the front and back. Each of the centers has particular significance. For example the throat chakra, when open, allows one to speak one’s own truth with ease. If any of these chakras are found to be closed, crystals are used to open them up, facilitating a free flow of energy both in the giving and receiving of energy.
The second possibility is using the hands and heart of the practitioner as a conduit to move energy in the body, which facilitates a healthy availability of energy in the central core and an increased awareness of spiritual growth and development.

Regular Cost of an Energy Healing Session: $75. Accepting bids from April 18 to May 2. Bidding begins at $25 to be made in $5 increments; please call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

Auction Item 3: Personal Rejuvenation Retreat

Offered by Joy Lane Healing Center & Dina Hayden, CMT
Joy Lane Healing Center is pleased to offer our secluded woodland cottage for your individual retreats. Surrounded by 62 acres of large trees and mountain laurel our Private Retreat Cottage is perfect for a focused meditation retreat or simply a quiet getaway in the beauty of nature. Your retreat depends only upon your imagination!

For this auction, this retreat includes a one-night getaway embellished with a message therapy session with massage therapist Dina Hayden, and breakfast in the morning.

Spend a quiet evening looking out over the forest ravine watching deer or wild turkey and listening to the beautiful fluted notes of the wood thrush. A personal retreat offers you the rare opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule and treat yourself to relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing time to listen to your inner spirit.

Your retreat occurs in our sweet 12' by 12' cabin, replete with a comfortable bed, dresser, table, cozy chair and bottled water within easy walking distance to an outdoor grill, picnic tables, fire circle and composting toilets.

Regular Cost of an Overnight Retreat, Massage Session & Breakfast: $110. Accepting bids from April 18 to May 2. Bidding begins at $45 to be made in $5 increments; please call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

Auction Item 4: Reflexology Appointment

Offered by Leanora Winters, MA
Reflexology is a science and a healing art that involves manually stimulating areas or reflex points on the feet, hands or ears (that correspond to each organ, part and system of the body) to open energy channels, and help restore balance and vitality to the body. The premise of this holistic healing modality is that with the opening and unimpeded flow of the body’s energy channels, the body can recuperate from any challenges and restore itself.

Reflexology has ancient historic origins that link to healing techniques (i.e., pressure therapies) found in a variety of cultures globally, as well as grounding in more modern Zone Theory. It is a completely safe and non-invasive form of therapy that is very relaxing and can be used in conjunction with both “modern” and alternative healing modalities. As a holistic therapy, a reflexology session reflects an equal partnership between the practitioner and client, where the practitioner acts as a mediator to activate the client’s own healing potential.

The benefits of reflexology therapy include relief of stress and tension, increased energy and stamina, boosts in immune system functioning, improved circulation, improved sleep, pain relief, and improved digestion and elimination.

Regular Cost of a Reflexology Session: $80. Accepting bids from April 18 to May 2. Bidding begins at $25 to be made in $5 increments; please call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

Auction Item 5: Deluxe Yoga Package

Offered by Mary Ellen Steveling, EYRT
& The Supplies for the Journey Store at Joy Lane
Enrich your life through the ancient holistic practice of yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation. This classic approach to hatha yoga increases strength, flexibility, balance and concentration of body and mind and can lead to the realization of inner peace.

The Hatha Yoga for Beginners class is an 8-week class that meets each Tuesday evening 5:30 to 6:45, May 12 through June 30. Based on the teachings of Integral Yoga, this is a relaxed, meditative approach. Postures will be adapted to meet individual needs.

Your Deluxe Yoga Package includes enrollment in Hatha Yoga for Beginners, an earth-friendly yoga mat and a yoga strap. Accepting bids from April 18 to May 2. Bidding begins at $45 to be made in $5 increments; please call 301-373-2522 to place your bid!

Regular Cost of 8-week beginner’s yoga class, earth-friendly yoga mat & strap: $160