Sunday, December 21, 2008

Singing the Sun Back

Happy Solstice and welcome to the winter season of introspection and internal review. Looking to the trees and the bear, we learn that the Winter is a time for quiet renewal; a time of going back down to our roots and preparing for the Spring’s blossoming.

At such a time, how better to find personal renewal than taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves through cultivating exploration of spirit and nature? Our workshop and weekly class programs offer many wonderful opportunities and a wide diversity of teachers to find a path along the mountain of awakening. From Creative Play to musical/vocal Improvisation, from Organic Gardening to exploring the principles of Aikido in the Learning through Conflict workshop, there is so much to explore. Until our larger classroom space is built this spring, class sizes are limited in general to 12-15 people so don’t wait to register and they will fill up quickly.

Look forward to hearing from you soon…

In peace, Marin

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes! After 15 years of development and vision, the community of Joy Lane took the huge leap forward to incorporating as a non-profit Corporation in the state of Maryland. With the New Year we plan on continuing to move forward with federal status and official tax exemption. While the step itself was rather small, the significance is huge. Now our programs such as OASIS can receive full funding from supportive businesses and individual donors in order to spread the healing and support of cancer patients.

Next coming steps are the first Board of Directors meeting on January 4th and the official approval of our Bylaws and many other governing policies. We’ll keep you informed on these important developments and what they mean for the greater Southern Maryland community.

In peace,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the Joy Lane Blog!

We are pleased to give you this peek into the goings-on at Joy Lane Healing Center! What is a QiGong class really like? How did our yoga instructor first become interested in the art? And, where is Joy Lane Healing Center headed? These are the kinds of interesting queries we’ll explore in this space. We’ll also post photos of our lovely grounds and exciting classes. Come back again and again, and get to know us!