Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

“I have a dream…” On this day of remembrance, let us give thanks for the many miles this country of people has come. While the journey has not been easy nor the path been straight nor have we made it anywhere near the destination of King’s “promised land,” we can all agree that we have come a long way. The vision of judging each other by the merit of character and not by the color of a person’s skin or a privilege of background is growing each day. We are at a turning point that promises brighter days to come.

But lest us not get careless or loss resolution for the journey still goes on before us. We must continue to take each individual step and accept responsibility for our daily environment. We can choose to surround ourselves with material objects to find happiness or we can look within to face our true selves. Let us continue to walk and deepen our acceptance of each other’s faults and weaknesses; let us continue to walk and share the joys of family and community; let us continue to walk and resolve to spread our wealth not just with myself, my friends or my family, but with all creatures on this great planet that sustains us.

Give thanks that the Earth continues to walk around the sun and soon spring will be upon us once again. Give thanks that life continues to grow and beauty can cover over the scars of yesterday. Give thanks we continue to learn, and one day, may we see the promised land that this great person spoke of.

In peace, Marin

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolutions ~ 2009

2009 is promising to be a year of great changes. From the financial crisis to the presidential inauguration, regardless of what your beliefs or which side you sit on, change is swirling all around us. While change brings with it the possibility for transformation and renewal, it also brings up a lot of challenge and fear. At this precipice of the New Year, we at Joy Lane recommend gentleness.

Being gentle with yourself and with others during change and crisis allows for more space for honesty and integrity. The world is moving face and as we get swept in its momentum, we often cling or grasp. If we can find that place of gentleness in our hearts then we can blend with the unknown and meet directly whatever comes our way. Facing the truth of our experience with gentleness allows for new possibilities and new pathways of learning.

May your experience in the coming days, weeks and months throughout 2009 be one of fresh ideas, deepening healing and renewal of spirit.

In peace, Marin